Does any of the following relate to you?

Do you have major dental problems or often feel like "my teeth are a disaster"? Are you embarrassed by the way your teeth look when you smile? Do you feel ashamed for "letting your mouth go" for so long, or have you been putting off getting your work done for way too long?

Perhaps you are here because you feel hopeless or disappointed from previous dentists, or maybe you just do not know who you can trust...

If ANY of the above sounds familiar, you can finally relax.
These are the types of patients we SEE EVERY DAY.

Simply put, we will put a smile on your face even if you believe you are a dental disaster. Even if you Hate going to the dentist or Fear has stopped you from getting the care you want and need.

So whether you have complex dental problems, feel your situation is hopeless, or just have plain old "bad teeth"... we believe you will find our practice uniquely qualified to get you looking and feeling your best.

You Are Here Because...

Our practice is like no other that offers:

  • There are no lectures or judgments, EVER!
  • We guarantee you will love how your teeth look and feel!
  • You will discover a plan to avoid excessive cost, pain, inconvenience and embrrassment for a lifetime.
  • Sedation allows complete comfort, with little to no memory of the entire procedure.
  • Dr. Dersley performs complex dentistry full time as a certified specialist, lectures nationally and even teaches other dentists.

So if You are READY to...

Take the first step to CHANGE your LIFE today by calling...

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Hear success stories from patients just like you...

I was looking for a new dentist and had tried probably five others.…When I came here, it was thumb’s up right away.… I needed three big procedures, so I wanted to make sure I was getting the right doctors and dentists, and I got that here.

The doctors here, you can trust them. If they say everything’s going to be okay, it will be. I had never had an implant, and I had heard people say it wasn’t a good procedure. But they made it very comfortable. They walked me through the procedure, and I was very comfortable and very happy."


"I’ve had anxiety with dental procedures for some time, and I let my teeth go. I actually had two places where teeth were missing. I had a phobia with needles, so I explained that to Dr. Dersley and he said no problem. He explained everything we were going to do, and he was spot on.

I thought it was going to be pretty invasive, but after we went through the procedure it was pretty much a noninvasive event—no pain whatsoever. The recovery was minimal, and the implant was very easy. I didn’t feel anything.…

I don’t feel any difference; it feels like a normal tooth. I can’t tell a difference.

Before implants, I wasn’t able to eat certain types of foods, meats and such. Now I can eat on both sides. I was worried about pain and anxiety, but I had to make that step. When I came in, the doctor pretty much told me there wasn’t going to be any pain, and I said, “Let’s see.” And he was spot on. There wasn’t. I did not have any pain."


"People here are friendly. They respect my time, they want to get me in and get me out, and they’re very professional. They do everything from cleaning to implants, and everything in between. It’s a one-stop shop.

I’ve had a number of dental procedures. I needed an implant, which is what led me here. Since then, I’ve had two implants, which brings it up to a total of seven. It’s been very easy, very painless.

I was going through the process from having fillings to having crowns, then root canals, and then that crown breaking down, so I decided to get implants. I wanted the longevity of the teeth, and I only wanted to pay once for the process!

Dr. Dersley is very patient, very outgoing, and told me exactly what was going to happen and what to expect. There weren’t any surprises, no regrets at all. I’d rather have the teeth than the money in my pocket!"

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